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Families Urged to Look Out for Signs Seniors Need Help

Families Urged to Look Out for Signs Seniors Need Help

Pride, Privacy Make Help Difficult; Here are 10 Red Flags 

 (Nationwide)– April, 2009 It’s much better to arrange for help for an elderly family member while they can still be part of the process rather than during a crisis because it gives everyone time to make thoughtful decisions. Seniors often believe getting help means being moved out of their house and that’s where the resistance comes in. But many times in-home care is a better option.

Senior Helpers’ elderly care experts remind people to respect a senior family member’s pride and dignity when discussing the need for assistance. Approach the topic with respect and understanding and express concern for the family members’ safety. The warning signs could be indications of many issues. If there’s a major health concern, it’s important to contact a doctor.10 WARNING SIGNS A SENIOR RELATIVE NEEDS ASSISTANCE

  1. The house is cold, the telephone is cut off.
  2. Losing track in a conversation, forgetting the names of children, grandchildren, the day of the week, etc.
  3. The death of a spouse.
  4. The refrigerator and cupboards are half empty even though you know the relative can still get out.
  5. Personal hygiene is poor.
  6. Constantly making excuses when asked to go somewhere or do something, or wanting to be alone.
  7. Sudden weight loss.
  8. Never cleaning or delaying home repairs.
  9. Failure to take prescribed medications.
  10.   Behavior changes.

The best way to keep track of a senior family members situation is to keep in touch with them and this is one time where being nosy is justified.

Visit or call often and use one of the warning signs as a way to approach the topic if needed. If you can’t be there, hire an in home caregiver.

– It’s heartbreaking and overwhelming to watch your elderly loved one decline into someone who needs constant care. But with 36 million seniors living in the U.S. and the population projected to double, caring for an elderly loved one is a reality most people will face. That’s why Senior Helpers, a leading provider of in home senior care, advises learning the signs your senior relative needs assistance.For more information about Senior Helpers, please visit: 


About Senior Helpers:
Senior Helpers connects professional caregivers with seniors who wish to live at home as opposed to a nursing or assisted living facility. The company has 270+ franchises in 39 states + Canada and offers a wide range of personal and companion care services to assist seniors living independently with a strong focus on quality of life for the client and peace of mind for their families. Senior Helpers strives to be the leading companion and personal care provider that offers dependable, consistent and affordable home care.





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