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Are you in need of Summer help for your loved one? Senior Helpers In Home Care, Alpharetta, Georgia is the Answer!

7 warning signs a senior relative needs assistance

• Failure to take prescribed medications.

• Losing track in a conversation, forgetting the names of children grandchildren, the day of the week, etc.

• Wandering from home or other signs of memory loss.

• Behavior changes. Sudden mood changes. Or constantly making excuses when asked to go somewhere or do something, or wanting to be alone.

• Personal hygiene is poor or a dirty house or rotten food in refrigerator.

• The Death of a spouse.

• Behaving in ways that could be harmful to themselves or others.

We focus on:

• Dependability of Service

• Peace of mind for the family

• High Quality of life for our Clients

• Continuity of Caregivers

• Open and Effective Communication

When you make the decision to use Caregivers to bring comfort and care to your loved one, you want to make sure you get the best available. There are many companies offering Caregivers for in home care for the elderly or people needing recuperative help. However, the attention to detail, promptness, training, availability to discuss your thoughts, thoroughness of background checks for the caregivers, attention to State license requirements, and other important issues, varies by company.

Once you make the decision to get some help, you want to reduce the hassle of dealing with the company you have selected. It does not help you if caregivers do not show up, or arrive late, or don’t provide the kind of care for which you are paying. You want to enjoy peace of mind and know that your loved one is being properly cared for as agreed.

Certainly there are other companies which provide excellent care, but I know the quality of care and attention to detail we bring to our customers. At Senior Helpers, we personally train each caregiver and being a family owned business, we work closely together to select the best caregiver we have in our system to match your needs. We will come wherever you and your loved are for a free personal assessment, and determine the level and style of care needed. We go over all the costs, what duties we will perform and then we work hard to honor your faith in us and perform our duties to your satisfaction. At Senior Helpers, we can help you or your loved one with recovery, short-term, long-term, live-in and transportation care. We can stay with your loved one when you go on vacation?

Please call Senior Helpers to set-up a FREE assessment. We will come and meet with you and your loved one. We love our job and are truly passionate about caring for you and your family!

For more information call Pam Hodgson, 770-442-2154 or visit them online http://seniorhelpers.com/location/1302.

See original article at http://www.northfulton.com/Articles-c-2009-06-09-178004.114126-sub_Are_you_in_need_of_Summer_help_for_your_loved_one.html.


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