How to get more Fans to your Facebook Business Page

How to get more Fans to your Facebook Business Page

1. Navigate to your page and click on “Suggest to Friends”  found underneath your logo for your page. Your Friend list will pop up for you to select who you’d like to invite to become a Fan of your page.

2. Send out a mass email to your Contact Manger & Outlook Contacts letting them know about your page with a link to your page in the email asking them to click on the link and become a fan. You can get the link by simply copying and pasting the website address from your browser’s address bar when you are viewing your FB Page.

3. Include a link or button to your page in yours and your staff’s email signatures.

Here are the steps to do this in Microsoft Office:

  • Click on” Tools” drop down menu
  • Selction “Options”
  • Select “Mail Format” tab
  • Click on “Signatures”Select “New”
  • Click: Insert picture (on right hand side of screen) >> Insert desired picture (must have the FB button image saved to your computer already)

  • Now that picture is inserted into the signature click on the picture to select it then click on the chain link icon (hyperlink) >>type in the URL of your FB Page

  • Add the rest of the text for your signature then “Save”

4. Provide engaging and interesting content on your page that your current fans will want to share with their own friend network.

5 Responses

  1. There is no “Suggest to Friends” thing to click on on my face book page.

    • Maybe the option is hidden. Under the logo it should at least sat “Edit Page” and maybe something else – is there something there that says “show more” or “more options” that may bring up the rest of the list?

  2. How do I get a copy of the facebook button?

  3. I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep up making such interesting articles!

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