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5 Things to Do to Get Started on LinkedIn

It’s time to get on LinkedIn! With 19 million users, LinkedIn is arguably the best-known and most widely used business networking site. With that fact combined with the fact that it is free to join – what are you waiting for?! LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to get known and showcase your business and your mission; you can connect with your contacts at Influence Centers, join groups that will bring you closer to people in your community, receive referrals when you provide outstanding service, and much more! Here are the five things you should do immediately after joining LinkedIn:
1. Complete your profile – Try to get to 100% completeness.

2. Search for people whom you already know that may be on LinkedIn and request to Connect.

3. Join at least FIVE groups – these should be oriented to not only the services of your business, but personal interests as well (i.e. college alumni group).

4. Request a recommendation and make a recommendation.

5. After you do each of these things one time, it’s not time to stop! You should be constantly updating your profile while repeating steps 2 to 5 at least once per week.


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