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Miracle for Megan – We need your help!!!

Miracles For Megan Foundation


The Miracle for Megan Foundation was created to raise awareness, increase research, and develop optimal treatment methods for people with Genetic Disorders. We envision the ability to detect Genetic Disorders early and help to provide exceptional care to the patients and families with these disorders.


Our foundation is based on Megan Miceli, an 18 month old little girl with a Gene Deletion 15Q13.3. After 13 months of evaluation the Doctors of Kennedy Krieger Institute finally found her diagnosis. The Gene Deletion is so rare that there has only been 6 reported cases since its discovery in 2008. The subjects who have been studied all have 4 symptoms in common, Hypotonia (low muscle tone), Seizures (mylonic), Intellectual Disability, and Schizophrenia. Megan is a beautiful child with no abnormal features. Her limitations are all physical in nature. She is developing physically and mentally at a rate of 50% of her age. Megan receives constant care from numerous doctors at multiple hospitals, and receives care at home from Central Infants and Toddlers Program. The majority of her life is spent in Therapy and the Doctors Office. It is because of her that we have developed a foundation of hope, inspiration, and great ambition to improve the lives of all that are effected by a genetic disorder. Her smile can heal and now her foundation can do the same.

Foundation goals

1. To provide funding to the therapeutic center of Kennedy Krieger Institute. With these funds the center may purchase new equipment and research new ways to provide therapy for its patients

2. To provide funding for the neurology unit of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as other Neurological research facilities, to increase early detection, identification, treatment, and possible prevention methods for Genetic Disorders.

3. To fund a scholarship program for the families who have children with Genetic Disorders who require assistance in funding medical care and education.


To empower the Team at Kennedy Krieger Institute to continue to provide the optimum health care for children in need. To discover new treatment methods, as well as therapeutic services for all of Kennedy Krieger’s patients. To increase funds for research in the identification of genetic disorders, and find potential cures for symptoms related to gene deletions. Finally to provide the funding required to give all of Kennedy Krieger’s Children and families the opportunity to live full and complete lives without regard for cost of care and ability to receive such care.

There will be a 5k in the fall and your help is needed as a sponsor to make this a successful event!!!

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